TYPO3 Extensions

Ever since people visiting my website reach it through search engines using query terms like ‘typo3′, ‘extension’ or the names of my extensions ‘mh_ajaxsearch’ or ‘mh_omsqlio’ (AJAX Searching Engine or SQL Frontend, respectively) – the ones developed by me with the most downloads. With this post I would like to help those visitors find what they might be looking for: some sort of FAQ, based on the questions reaching me (mostly) via email (nevertheless, this post shall and will not replace the documentations here and here).

  1. How to configure the extensions?
    RTFM. Seriously, I spend a lot of time on writing the documentations because I don’t have the time to answer the same questions all the time (basically, this is also the reason why I am doing this blog post).
  2. SQL Frontend: I only see the spinner but nothing loads. Why?
    Mostly, this is a problem due to certain AJAX loading problems. One might be the caching of TYPO3 – you have to switch it off for this special page (edit page properties > no caching). Another one is the character set settings. In case you have special characters in your data (and believe me, most of the time you have – special characters are, for instance, German Umlaute like ‘ö’ or ‘Ä’, but also special characters created by your office products like three dots as one character ‘…’) this might also cause JavaScript to prevent the AJAX stream to load properly and hence results in a never-ending spinner.
    In order to debug that you may use a JavaScript debugger like built-in developer tools in Google’s Chrome (CTRL + Shift + J > Network) or Firebug for Mozilla’s Firefox (small bug icon in lower right corner > Network). Scan the result from the POST loading AJAX call (for index.php) for such signs and try to repair it inside the database or change the charset settings in the backend.
  3. I want more features. Do you implement them for me?
    Maybe. There is a small chance that I need the feature as well or that it is very easy for me to implement them which could make you happy. Otherwise no, sorry.
  4. And if I pay you?
    Maybe. There is a small chance that I find the time to do so, but mostly I don’t have so much free time. Sorry.
    You may, nevertheless, be thankful for the extension and want to express that. If so, feel free to use my Amazon wishlists for photography or reading, but please keep in mind that Amazon is not only good and consider showing your generosity through any other bookstore or photography shop.
  5. But what if I developed some more features. Do you implement my code?
    Maybe. That depends if I also see the need for this feature or if it just makes the extension bigger (and – thus – slower) but doesn’t help anything. And I also want to check your code for security issues. To sum up: There is a chance that I implement your code.
  6. Do you translate the extension?
    I won’t.
  7. May I translate the extension?
    Please feel free to do so. And if you do so, send me the translation files. I will be happy to integrate them (please keep in mind that the mh_lib extension is needed for the SQL Frontend, so consider translating that as well – it’s not very much).

This list is subject to change and will be continued …